May. 19th, 2017 06:27 pm
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I started posting this on Facebook, but I feel too exposed there. This has been rattling around in my brain for a few days. Feel free to skip or ignore. Sometimes I just need to write stuff out.

Dump will apparently be giving a speech "on Islam" while in Saudi Arabia, prior to visiting the Vatican and Israel, in his tour of "the birthplaces of the world's great religions" (never mind Hinduism, Buddhism or any of the Eastern religions practiced by millions of people, not to mention all the other denominations of Christianity besides Catholicism).

I have no doubt that the speech "on Islam" will focus on moderate Muslims' responsibility to reign in "radical Islamist terrorists" and excoriate the vast majority of Muslims, who are peace-loving people, not to let extremists speak for their entire creed.

What I am positive we will NOT be hearing is that same message being delivered at the Vatican or in Israel. Extremists in all three religious traditions share quite a few things in common: degradation, control and oppression of women; insistence on maintaining bloodline purity and strict adherence to ideology and dogma; intolerance, distrust and hatred of people of other faiths or no faith; and the willingness to take up offensive arms against perceived enemies, including enemies from within (the only Prime Minister of Israel to be assassinated was killed by a radical Zionist Jew).

ALL THREE of the three major western religious traditions have extremist wings that match this description. This is the root of much misery, suffering, and strife in our global society.

But you won't be hearing about any of that this week from our so-called President. You also won't be hearing about how women in Saudi Arabia can't vote, can't drive, have to stay covered from head to toe while in public, and basically can't leave their homes without a male relative as escort. Feh.


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